Enabling the “New Audio Engine”

The release notes of 4.22 preview mention that the new unreal audio engine is now on by default for new projects. I assume that means it’s out of the experimental phase by now and stable enough to be used in most projects.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any up-to-date documentation on this topic and am unsure how to enable the new engine for existing projects. Do we still have to edit the WindowsEngine.ini and follow the other steps described in this forum post from early 2017?

The original plan was to have it on by default for new projects but not for updated ones since many licensees are enabling it for their new projects and several games have already shipped with it on over the last couple years.

However, after further consideration, we decided it would be a better demonstration of our confidence in the new Audio Engine to complete our work of turning it on for Fortnite first–which is a much more complex task than starting a new project with it on. We already have done this work on a mix of platforms, addressing the platforms with the most need first (like Android), but that work is ongoing.

Until then, the New Unreal Audio Engine is on by default for a few platforms already, mostly those that needed audio work the most or for newer platforms (HTML5, Linux, Lumin, etc.). For any other platform, for the time being, you will still need to use config modification to turn it on.

Gotcha, that clears it up. Thanks for the reply, Dan!