Enabling the cool features!

The other week I downloaded the master fork, just for a look and whilst stumbling around the blueprint editor found a great async download image node - I know it’s probably buggy or whatever but for me it’s a great node! There was a bug or two that made me revert to my usual 4.7 build thinking maybe it’ll come out in v4.8.

Anyway - I just downloaded the latest master and the node is gone - not that unexpected, however, the code seems to be still there in the source - look for AsyncTaskDownloadImage - thing is, it’s not showing up when I make the build - are these sections of code disabled somewhere? Where can I switch them back on? Can I (easily) put this code into my 4.7 build?

Love to hear from the github experts about this!


Whoops - forget it, it’s still there - I just couldn’t get to it from inside a function.

Check out the node though!