Enabling "Root Motion" stops character from moving

Hi everyone,

I am trying to enable root motion on a character based on [this animation][1] (click to see the gif) (sorry for the bad quality).

When RootMotion is enabled, the character stops from moving (it’s visible in the Animation view and in the game).

I don’t really understand why. Is this normal ? May be, the imported animation (made in 3dsmax) is not correctly made? May be, the root bone can’t be the origin from the movement…
From what I read from the docs, enabling this option causes the capsule to follow the character. But don’t stop it from moving.

If the Root Motion is disabled, the character moves, but not the capsule (as it can be seen on the image below).

Root Motion Mode is set to “Root Motion from Everything”. Animation is played from a Blueprint (which is a task called in a behavior tree) like this. It calls the animation but I am not sure if it’s considering the Root Motion Mode.


I am sure I missunderstood something as I don’t know much about animation in UE4.

Can you please help me?

EDIT 1 : if “Process Root motion” is enabled in the viewport, the character moves


You can turnaround this putting your animation in a montage and playing it with “Play AnimMontage” node with “Root Motion Montage Only” setted in AB.

I finally figured it out. I was not using animation properly. I was doing everything by hand (animation asset) while it’s needeed to use Animation Blueprint. I was doing it the wrong way.