Enabling Root motion rotates chatacter 90degrees on x axis

Hello, im trying to implement root motion, the animation seems good with root motion disabled:

but when i enable root motion this happen:

aplying loop to preview:

and, diferent root motion lock options:
here the mesh reduce its scale dramatically, and mesh rotates again

here looks good, but when loos is enabled the character moves down

checking force root lock option doesn’t change much.

it’s an unreal problem/config, because i imported a test animation from maya and it worked fine, but i have all set up to animate in unreal (control rig).

well. i figured it out, for some reason the root bone and control had different rotation in current windows in contro rig tab.

so i created a new control, unparent it, and it worked fine.

now i’m trying to find solution to another issue in the same context: with root motion disabled the animation is ok, but when y enable root motion and loop in preview, the character moves 10 times more than expected:

same frame, different distance

this is a maya/unreal scale issue. i think is this option:

i have to change the import uniform scale to 10 when importing from maya(if not, the model is really small). so if anyone know how to solve this

My case: I added a new skeleton which had problems with root motion. I noticed it has root bone with 0, 0, 0 rotation.

Then I looked at the character I already had and that had no problems with RM. It had a skeleton with root bone with 90, 0, 0 rotation.

Then I changed my new characters skeleton so UE would show its root bone rotation in the skeleton asset as 90, 0, 0, then animations stopped changing rotations after checking “Enable root motion”

All unreal characters are X forward facing.

Its not a problem usually unless you use someone else’s animations that are (or are not) x forward…

You can’t mix/match rotations if you want to use root motion…

No, Lyra character is rotated forward on Y axis

Starter project character is rotated forward on Y axis

The mesh is always X forward.
Which is why the character rotates it to face the user.

No, it’s not true, I gave you the proofs.

X axis is only relevant in terms of actors, especially characters, that’s why people rotate the mesh in their character blueprints (0, 0, -90) if it was facing Y axis, which is quite common.

Dude stop arguing. You have X facing right in the screenshot above my first message. Look at the gizmo. What color is it?