Enabling Root Motion rotates character 90 Degrees

Hey everyone,

I’m having a weird issue when enabling root motion on my animations. I feel this might be an issue with the FBX importer but I wanted to get someone else’s take on it.

My Rig is set up in Maya using Z Up and facing X. You can see a picture of it below if this helps:

Now, when I import my SK mesh and create a skeleton, it all works fine. When I import my animation, it also all seems to work fine apart from the fact that once in Unreal, I get the following warning message:
“Warning: Imported bone transform is different to the original”. I know Lina has said that if the animation looks fine, it’s no big deal. Here’s the thing, my animation looks fine once imported until I check root motion (which in this case I need). Once I do that, the animation gets rotated 90 degrees and becomes unusable. The rotation get’s fixed if I used “anim frame zero” but I need the root motion zeroed out for a bunch of animations. I’ve tried importing with “convert scene” checked off and on but there’s no difference in the result :(. Here’s a little video showing the issue:

At no point in the animation does the root bone rotation change… so… anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this?


I guess another note worthy thing to post is that when the animation is created, the root bone only follows the hips on Translate x and Y. No rotation is ever applied to the root :slight_smile:

I’m currently dealing with the same issue. My Root animation is rotating 90 on the x axis. Did you ever discover a fix for this?