enabling root motion displaces character location in sequence

i am using a level sequencer at first root motion is disabled here i set my character transform and everything is good. then i enable root motion (cause i want to add an idle animation at the end of it) when im in editor viewport , character is still in the correct position (tested when sequencer tab was open and closed) that i set earlier but when i press play character is displaced like 20 CM but in this case thats enough to ruin it

things that i have done:

root bone transform at the first frame of animation is : location 0,0,0 rotation 0,0,0 and there are no sudden movements or jumps anywhere in timeline all movements are smooth and slow
character has a proper animation blueprint with almost nothing inside just getting ref pose and set root motion from everything
character’s collider is set the smallest size possible
collision profile is to none( collide with nothing)
character gravity is set to 0
there has been some other cases of this problem but in those cases i just moved character to the right location again and it was good enough but in this animation it needs to do some very detailed stuff (like picking up a tiny gem and putting inside a socket) so i cant move the character
i have exported the scene to maya and checked the animation there i couldnt see any problem ( im not very good at maya so there might have been some problem somewhere that i didnt see)