Enabling parameters in Material Instance turns the material color to pure black

This boolean parameter worked up until recently when it just stopped suddenly. I have two textures in my material and as long as either boolean parameter is enabled, the material is pure black. You can see in the fourth picture, even if the boolean values are set to true, the texture still works, As long as I disable parameter. Even if I keep the boolean value as default, the image goes pure black the moment the parameter is enabled.
Also, the hue shift that is being enabled/disabled does work just fine. If I enable the boolean in the master material, then the hue change works and the colors are just fine. The problem seems to be only in the material instance. I tried deleting the instance and just creating a new one, but the problem persists.

Default material instance, the problem is in the “Global Static Switch Parameter”:

Material instance when either boolean parameters are enabled (even without changing the value):

Material instance with boolean values changed, but parameters disabled:

Master Material (the bottom nodes are just a copy of the top texture):