Enabling/Disabling specific axis input when not flying?

I’m in an advanced prototyping class in my school and a team i’m on is making a racing flying car game. I’m in charge of the blueprinting for the car’s mechanics and right now on my checklist i have
Basic movement inputs,
take off/landing
and adjusting/tilting the car forward and back to try and keep balanced (if i can find a way to make this work with out the tilting part than i don’t need this in the first place)

however until i find a way to make the car NOT tilt crazily around in the air and ground while moving i need to find a way to disable the axis input specifically for the Tilting controls so that it only tilts when flying and NOT while grounded (technically grounded is still hovering)

right now this is what i have. I understand that a bool is needed to check if the car is flying. However i can’t find a node to disable this specific inputaxis. Rather the ONLY node i can find is disable all input together which kills the car entirely no matter where it is.