Enabling/Disabling Mouse & Keyboard Input

Is there a way to enable/disable mouse & keyboard input? I’ll be supporting gamepad controls and mouse/keyboard controls. However, I don’t want both of them processed at the same time. Depending on player choice, I want to “mute” one of the input devices.

There may be a more glamorous way, but the first thing I think of is having both types of inputs run to the same code, but put an IF or something in between the inputs and the first node executed that prevents one method or another from firing. Or you could setup an Enumeration on the player controller that has two choices, Gamepad or Mouse/Keyboard, then do a “Switch on Enum” to determine which execution path occurs.

Yeah…I thought of that, but it’s pretty cumbersome. It’d bloat the code/content quite a bit :confused: Hoping to find that more glamorous way :wink: Thanks for the suggestion, though!