Enabling collisions on instanced meshes?

I’m having trouble getting collisions enabled on instanced static meshes generated by my script. Is this possible?

Yes, instanced static meshes are able to have collisions.
They should have collision settings like any other static mesh would.
Make sure the static mesh you’re using actually has proper collision.
If it’s only broken on multiplayer, it may be some kind of replication issue.

More details would probably help if you’re still stuck with this.

The meshes that are being instanced have collision defined and they do work if placed as regular static mesh actors rather than being instanced. This is what has me confused.

I got the collision to work, but it created a new problem. It seems if the instanced meshes are set to “Stationary” the collision stops working. If you set the meshes to “Static”, then you run into issues with the instanced meshes not supporting LOD light maps. I really need to have collision working in “Stationary” mode since the meshes have multiple LODs and are not light map friendly due to their complexity. Any ideas?

No comment from Epic on this? This is a pretty significant problem since it prevents things like fence lines and power poles from being effectively placed using instances in an open world environment.