Enabling and Disabling Collision Box?

So i have been working on my AI that happens to be a complete pain and i adapted a new method of making the AI work
with things like Blackboard and AI Controllers etc…

It has shown much better results, however i am having a hard time telling the AI to continue attacking after a delay.

So the attack works like this:

  • The AI now has a Collision Box at its head when it gets close to the player to begin attacking
  • The AI will attack once its made contact for about 0.5 seconds to give the player a window of opportunity to attack

The problem is that the AI when attacked has to be stunned and unable to attack for about 0.7 seconds of a delay and after
that the AI will be able to attack again.

I cant get the AI to attack after the time, is there a way to Enable or Disable the Collision box in anyway to tell it to reattack
after the delay is over?