Enabling and disabling Aimoffets based on a variable.

I have a very simple question on how to do something. I would like to have a way to turn aim offsets on and off, Based on a variable. This would be useful for switiching from when a character has no weapon, Which would use no aim offset, to when a character has a weapon and needs to aim it. 2.png

as seen here, I can’t put in a branch to tell when to use aim offsets and when to not use aim offsets, anyone got any ideas, on switching aim offsets on and off, and being able to switch between ones?

Take the output of your slot and store it in a new cached pose. Get a reference to the cached pose and feed it into your aimoffset, feed the output of that into a “blend poses by bool” node. For the false input of the blend node use just the cached pose.


Um , lol thx once again for this! You have helped me so much Nabiul :smiley: