Enabled "Accurate velocities from Vertex Deformation" - Project gets stuck at 45% when loading

I enabled “Accurate velocities from Vertex Deformation” in settings which prompted for an engine restart. When it tried to restart it got stuck at 45%. I havent been able to open that project since then. Is there a way for me to disable this option without launching the project seeing as I cant load it? Thanks for any help!

That setting should be in one of the config files.
You can use something like Notepad++ to search for text in files.

Is it not (re)building the DDC?
The DDC is stored in your users folder.


Thanks for the reply! I missed the alert on your post. I tried reading through the *.ini files on “…/project/config” folder but I cant find anything that is named close to “Accurate velocities from Vertex Deformation”. Any ideas where else I can look? Im not terribly advanced on UE and am probably missing something quite obvious!

What is the DCC you mention? I have no clue what it is or where I find it.

I believe it’s “r.BasePassOutputsVelocity=True” in DefaultEngine.ini for your project. Set that to False to disable it again. But, it will cause a shader rebuild, which is where you got stuck at already. Usually it hangs for awhile around 45% and takes a bit to go through the 90’s for me until finally opening and continuing the building.

DDC = DerivedDataCache. I believe deleting this rebuilds shaders, which is usually a brute force option to ensure everything gets rebuilt.

Either way I think you may be waiting around for awhile to get through the rebuilding. If you don’t have animated foliage or anything animated in World Position Offset, you don’t need the velocity output so you could change the line to false and hopefully not have to rebuild too much stuff.

Thank you! Changing “r.BasePassOutputsVelocity=True” to false lets me load my project now! Really appreciate you taking the time to help me out.