Enable "Use custom depth as mask" in console / blueprint

Hi guys,

I need to take a series of pictures with using custom depth as mask. I want to loop through an array of different materials and assign it to my static mesh and then take a screenshot of it with HighresShot. But before taking the screenshot I need to enable “Use custom depth as mask” as in the sreenshot I have attached. How can I do this via Blueprint / console command? I know there is an extended HighresShot console command, but I cannot get it to work, it never outputs me a full screen image with mask. How could I use the extended HighresShot command to get a fullscreen 1280x720 screenshot output? Does anybody has expierence with that?

Thank you!!!


hi, i don’t know if you found an answer to this issue yet, i’m looking into a similar issue now too. There’s a node in blueprint that let’s you do that. However i found that sometimes it render the mask fine, and sometimes it renders it green. Looks like it changes depending on the camera aspect ratio. Works fine if it’s 1.7777777, but not others.


I am facing same issue can you help me out