Enable trails on montage for different mesh

Hello All,

I’ve been struggling a little bit with trails synchronization between a couple of meshes. I have a skeletal mesh with an animation montage, and I would like to activate or deactivate trails on another mesh at specific points of the montage. Is there a way to achieve this using notifies? I’ve been doing it by hand by specifying the times in the event graph of the animation montage of the skeletal mesh with references to the other mesh, and I was wondering if there is another, easier, way.

Here is a more general version of the question:

Is it possible to detect, and work with, notifications from a given montage on a skeletal mesh on another, different, object (maybe another mesh, or maybe something different altogether)?


For posterity, I’ll record here the method that I ended up using: At the Content Browser, I added a new Blueprint Class of type AnimNotifyState, and in there I made references to the other mesh so I could get access to their trails and start them/stop them as required.

Then it just became a matter of putting the AnimNotifyState at the desired points in the original animation montage.

Hopefully this will help others with the same problem as me.

Thanks :3 I was looking for that ^^