Enable tick for TextBox Widget


I have a text box widget. I always have to focus it and press a key to enable the ticking function. Is there any way that this is enabled at start of the application without the user trying to enable it?


You can use **SetInputModeUIOnly **function for this.

Hi Thank you for the reply. But I am using in the VR mode for VR device, when I Set Input Mode for Player Controller, the VR hands get locked.

Try Set Input mode to UI and Game only?

Hi, I tried that as well. Same issue.

Hi, I searched with google and found this…on_a_text_box/

The user wrote

“Well, like the last 3 times I was going to post, I then solved my problem 30 seconds later. But I’m leaving this one up since UMG still seems to be pretty light on the documentation. In Player controller, feeding the “User Text Box” reference into the “In Widget to Focus” pin of the “Set Input Game Mode and UI” block has fixed this. I’m still not sure why, or if, the “Set Keyboard focus” nodes have a purpose now…”

So I take it that the text box work but your VR hands are locked?

You are absolutely right, that is the problem now.

Any solutions ??

Not sure about the VR hands sorry