'Enable Root Motion' doesnt work on Retargeted Root Motion

Hi there.I am using UE5’s ik retargeter to retarget animations.
Here’s a problem that is when I retarget root motion animation,the new animation did have the same root motion offset, but when I checked the ‘Enable Root Motion’ box in Asset Details panel, the character just keep on doing the same root motion offset.I have checked the source animation and ‘Enable Root Motion’ is work on it.
Wondering if someone can tell me how to fix this issue?


I believe you just need to check “Force Root Lock” on your source animation before retargeting


Once you retargeted an animation, I think the root motion setting is baked it, meaning the same panel above does nothing

I had the same issue today, and just tried everything randomly, not sure if this is THE solution, it just worked for me. GL


thx!that’s work!

Hello I am currently working on using root motion for a game project. When I enabled root motion from a tutorial I saw I was expecting a variety of different warping options but it’s as if there was no change at all and I am confused if I may have missed something???