Enable responsive AA on opaque materials


TXAA is doing a marvelous job so far, but there are some use cases that could use some tweaking.
In particular, thin moving target with no camera movement tends to disappear due to temporal interp.
As an example I’ll use the SciFi Hallway project.

This is the text crawl material seen from short distance. As you can see the letters can be read while moving:

Once you move away and stop the camera movement the text fades away:

What I’ve been doing on my end is to turn the material translucent and enable Responsive AA:

This fixes the text crawl effect, but loses the shading and reflections.
What I do then usually is to have a base mat on a mesh behind and a translucent on a mesh on top, and while complexity could be reduced doing a reusable blueprint it’s kind of clunky.
I also tested the new ssr on translucent, which works, but the black portion doesn’t get shaded anyway.

Can Responsive AA be enabled on opaque materials?


Nercro +1. I just ran into a particle problem where my small opaque particles disappear with TXAA enabled.

+2 Dealing with some nasty artifacts on an opaque scrolling water material.

I had to deal with this kind of problem on my first project; they said “-no hacks, is better try and find a solution for your specific needs”…
I got no solution and just gave up on it :stuck_out_tongue: