Enable Remote use item in structure inventory

Hello, I’m having some difficulty with trying to enable the “remote use item” from a structure inventory.

What is necessary to allow for remote item use? (simply ticking the box on the consumable item in question does not enable this from a structure inventory). Works just fine in player/dino inventories. Where is the difference located? I can’t find any flags on the structures that seem to control this.

*EDIT: I’m not interested in this for any reason other than to trigger the “Item Used” event, I have my own graph & variables set up for functionality.

Isn’t there a checkbox in the structure inventory blueprint for allowing remote item use?

It also depends on the storage in question. Most storage boxes do not allow remote use. You would have to make your own.

Oh yes, sorry, I made my own it’s a custom structure. I copied the stuff from the smithy over and started tweaking things there. They are copies with the same parents as the smithy. Items copied are the PrimalInventoryBP_AnvilBench, storagebox_Anvilbench, and PrimalItemStructure_Anvilbench.

What I want to know is what is it that makes these not allow remote item use?
It’s not the “Allow remote use in inventory” check on the consumable item. and I cannot find a field on any of the BP’s related to the structure that make it allowable.

Also if there is an inventory that allow remote item use, which one? I can’t find any structures that allow it

Probably because remote use requires the actor to be a pawn. And structures are not pawns. If you are trying to make a structure ‘use’ an item, make it a fuel burning structure and have it activate/deactivate. You can put in custom strings for Activate/Deactivate.

Perfect. It doesn’t work exactly like I imagined, but that’s okay :). For anyone else reading this using an item as fuel does not trigger the “Item used” event; However, structures apparently have some other event triggers that can be used that I didn’t know existed. For instance you can a path similar to this to detect if the structure is active:

Now I just need to write out a way a way to detect what item was used as the fuel and work from there :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Just remembered, Water Tanks allow remote use.

Meh I like my new approach better I think. Besides I’ve already gone through the effort of creating my own recipe system for this effectively that uses the activation event I put above. :slight_smile: Thanks again for guiding me that direction, it is much more elegant in actual gameplay.

Glad to help!

Funny Story… The graph I used above stops working after a server restart. apparently I didn’t understand what “Begin Play” means…

Event Begin Play does fire when the game is loaded again, from what I’ve come to understand.

Event Begin Play needs a delay after it to correctly work 100% of the time, otherwise it gets screwy.


Hmmm, I’ll have to keep that in mind.

What I did end up doing was creating a sphere component to the structure and set an actor begin overlap event. It then checks the actor type to make sure that it’s a child of “player pawn test” and if so that it basically wakes up all the subsequent scripting that I have going on a looping timer every second. I think this a better approach, especially if this gets used on a server. Any of these structures that basically aren’t being used anymore enter a sleep mode on server restart.