Enable Physics doesn't work on a damaged destructible

When I have a destructible that is World Supported and I want to set that to fall down after a piece has broken off it it is not possible because Set Simulate Physics don’t work anymore on it. It just remains static. It however works when that destructible has not received any damage yet.

Hi Davision,

Do you have an example video or setup you can demonstrate what you’re trying to do?

The chunks of a DM are set to simulate physics after they have broken free from the base mesh. At this point their ability to wake is determined by their sleep family. By default it is set to normal. If you set it to sensitive it will be much more easily woken up.

Part of what you’re seeing with simulate physics enabled when it’s not broken is that there is a bug with Mass for DMs not working properly. If you set up a SM cube and a DM cube. Set the mass to some high value for both. You should not be able to push the cube with any ease if at all. The same is not true with DMs in this respect at the moment.

That bug is currently backlogged at the moment. UE-5642.

Here is what I’m trying to do:


That remaining piece should then be set to have physics enabled and fall down.
I get rid of the surrounding debris by using Debris Lifetime set to 0
That block in the middle sticking out is the World Support mesh, so the inner part doesn’t become debris.

It works when I set the Destructible to Physics enabled before I apply any damage but then the world support doesn’t work anymore. Without world support the piece that remains will be kind of random. In the case of the gif it could be the surrounding part, so it would be a canvas with a hole.

I’ve entered a ticket for this with UE-14255.

I’m not completely sure if this is “by design” or not, but I suspect it is though. If I hear back and it is by design you’ll need to use other methods to remove the chunks. You can try applying a radial damage to the location so that it’s enough to break the chunks free and fall.

I’ll let you know when I have any relevant information to pass along.

Thank you!