Enable other users to choose correct answers for answer-hub questions, just my 2 cents.

Hi, there maybe a good reason why only the user who asks the question can choose a correct answer so this is just my 2 cents. I’ve been using the answer hub a lot the past 2 weeks and I’ve noticed that its littered with question that have correct answers but are still listed as unresolved. I think it would be a good idea to enable other users to choose a correct answer for a question that has been answered if the original poster hasn’t chosen an answer in say, after 3 days of inactivity.

People would make fake accounts to mark their answers as answered in order to farm karma though.

If it was worded as suggested answer and didn’t count towards karma, it could be a nice system. Have it require 3 or more votes and change the flag to semi-resolved, unless the questioner wants to flag it back to unresolved.

Yes this is true, so I agree with ZacD’s suggestion

this would be a good idea.

Another idea is if there was some sort of notification system or reminder telling people to choose an answer for there question, some people may not check back to see if the question has answered and others simply just don’t know that they have to choose an answer.

i agree on having a vote based system but there would also need to be a time based bit too. so if a post get so many upvotes and the questioner hasnt posted in say a week then it becomes resolved. even when the best answers are given sometimes the questioner doesnt understand so it cant really be too easy to mark as resolved.