Enable mouse-control of virtual joysticks like in PIE


I am trying to set up a more user friendly camera control with the joysticks (I imagine most of my users will be on a trackpad, and at least one or two test trials showed difficulty clicking+moving the camera). I liked the feel of clicking the virtual joysticks in PIE and wanted to replicate that.

I realize that my build acts differently from my PIE — specifically, I enabled the virtual joysticks and clicked them to move the right one camera (and left to move character, but WASD is more my style still). People on a laptop might like this because they have a visual for clicking and moving their field of view.

But when I built it recently I see that the virtual joysticks are there, but I cannot click and use them like I do in the editor preview. They are basically idle on the screen.

Additionally, in PIE I can manipulate joysticks and trigger touch events with mouse click, but not in my build. (I edited ‘onclicked’ to be ‘ontouched’ in editor)

My current Project Editor settings:

  • Always Show Touch Interface √
  • Use Mouse for Touch √
  • Enable mouse smoothing √ (default)
  • enable fovscaling √ (default)
  • Capture mouse on launch √
  • Default viewport mouse capture mode: capture permanently including initial mouse down
  • Default vidwoport mouse lock mode: lock on capture

Help please! Running up to a deadline! :slight_smile: Thank you!!

Also have ‘enable touch events’ on cursor controller

*Maybe it’s not possible. I see people writing about creating your own joysticks as a UMG/widget that you’d click. I unfortunately don’t have time : (

Is anyone can help with this?