Enable Mobile Decal

For my VRJam I wished to use decals on the mobile. I opted to use a static mesh. Telegear | Devpost

Although it worked it didn’t quite give the impact that a decal would. What is required to enable decals for mobile? I’ll just be targeting Note4\S6 Android devices.

I’ve gone through the source and it’s not immediately obvious. My initial guess is too look at its detail mode.

Any ideas very welcomed :slight_smile:

I’ve read it’s not very efficient on mobile. But I’d like to evaluate it for myself.

void UDecalComponent::CreateRenderState_Concurrent()

	// Mimics UPrimitiveComponent's visibility logic, although without the UPrimitiveCompoent visibility flags
	if ( ShouldComponentAddToScene() && ShouldRender() )

bool USceneComponent::ShouldComponentAddToScene() const
	// If the detail mode setting allows it, add it to the scene.
	return DetailMode <= GetCachedScalabilityCVars().DetailMode;