enable 'media texture' to play in matinee?

good day -

i’m very new to unreal engine - and learning blueprints has been a bit overwhelming. :smiley:

in my scene - i have a couple media textures that play fine in the editor - however, when i create a movie - the media textures go idle and do not play.

my feeling is that this a journey into blueprints!? i’m thinking that they need to be ‘enabled’…? if so - it would be awesome if someone could provide me with some direction.

i’m attaching various screen grabs of my process…

image 01 is what’s active in editor

image 02 is the movie/cinematic - whereas the media textures somehow are disabled

image 03 is my material setup for the media texture

image 04 is the video clip

image 05 the playable media texture

image 06 is my current blueprint

image 07 is my matinee setup

wasn’t sure if all of these are necessary - just trying to cover all the bases. :slight_smile:

so no responses. weird.

i’m assuming this is the right thread to be posting?

Hey JVStudebaker,

Would you mind creating a new AnswerHub post for this issue so we can track this a bit better in case other users are having similar issues? Provide me with the link to the post on the AnsewrHub in your reply here on the Forums.

In regards to your issue, are you attempting to control the Media Player through Matinee, or is this unrelated?

If so, you will need to have the video triggered through blueprints so it plays when your Matinee is playing.


morning -

thank you for the prompt support!

i guess first is - i’ll need to sort and figure out how to post via answerhub - as i only recently joined these forums - but will be happy to do so!

as far as the issue is concerned - not attempting to control to media player thru matinee (or maybe i am :smiley: - not sure anymore).

i’m just wanting the media textures to play ‘in loop’ while the movie is being created. i was up way late last night in blueprints trying to work out all these different arrangmennts of nodes with no success!

it would be awesome to see a generic graph of this intention!!

here’s the video play with cinematic (where the textures don’t properly play)

here’s a shot i took with my phone - while in the editor (what i would like to see in my cinematic.:slight_smile:

i’ll roll over to posting on the answerhub - in the interim - if you’re able to provide a solution - that would be totally rad!

thanks …

The Media Framework is known to have compatibility issues with h.264 and .mp4 encoded media file types. Check to see if this is what your video is using. You can see in our documentation where we highlight this known issue.

Media Framework

I have created a simple tutorial to help users control their Media Asset videos using blueprints which you can find if you navigate to my tutorials on the Wiki below.

Once you have the answerhub post up, provide me with the link here in your response so I can help you there :slight_smile:


dude - thanks!

i’ll give this a shot tonight and let you know…

have an awesome friday! :smiley:

sorry - forgot to include this - it was posted yesterday!


Media does not currently work with movie recording in Matinee and Sequencer. It is something we are trying to address in November/December.

ahh - so good to know. i was intending to respond today - as i had zero luck all weekend!

the saga continues - looking forward to seeing this remedied!

Yeah, it’s a bit of a bigger API change, unfortunately. Otherwise I would have fixed it already. Originally, we were only interested in playing movies inside the game. As a result, the current API relies on the media player plug-in to control the timing of playback. In the case of Matinee and Sequencer, this is not desirable. What we need here is an API that request specific frame numbers from the player plug-ins.

Any updates on this? Can’t seem to see this working in 4.10 at least… How about the 4.11 preview?

No updates yet. I think I won’t be able to work on this until 4.13 at the earliest. I am currently looking into Media performance optimizations (4K & VR), and hope to get that in for 4.12.

That would be great gmpreussner.

It is currently a very big issue in Arch Viz to not be able to have videos playing properly in Sequencer and Matinee, I have to be doing multiple iterations of rendering and ******** around with the frame rate of the video playback to make it sync up.

Is there a way to baypass this problem in matinee with a slideshow-like texture blueprint?

For instance, I have a TV screen and 10 photos, and a blueprint to change a photo on a meterial each 10 seconds…

If it’s possible, would someone help me with the bluprint?

That would be great gmpreussner.

It is currently a very big issue in Arch Viz to not be able to have videos playing properly in Sequencer and Matinee, I have to be doing multiple iterations of rendering and ******** around with the frame rate of the video playback to make it sync up.

Yes, this is a major pain for me too. While I understand the actual solution is complex, there is a simple workaround - have the ability to limit how many frames per second Matinee can export. If I can force Matinee to export 1 frame per second, or even 1 frame every 2 seconds, then I can lock my media texture rate to 1/25 or 1/50 (or divide by whatever the frame rate of the media texture is).

I asked this question back in August 2015, but didn’t get any response.

We also have this same issue it is a big pain. @ZoltanJr were you able to resolve this in 4.14?

We are still working on it. It’s not supported in 4.14 yet.

The fix that I had to use for this was to export out a PNG/JPEG sequence of the video. Import that to Unreal, create sprites from each of the frames and create a flipbook from the sprites. Then you can set the frame rate on a flipbook and since you should have a locked frame rate for rendering out from sequencer then it should work ok.

gmpreussner how are the performance improvements going for 4k? I still struggle with getting a decent 4k 360 video to play.

I tried another method of using a UMG web browser element with a Youtube URL on auto play and then using the meterial output from that and mapping it to a sphere which works ok, but then it still can only handle 1080 and not 4k, just destroys my system with 4k