Enable 'media texture' to play in matinee?

good day -

i’m very new to unreal engine - and learning blueprints has been a bit overwhelming.

in my scene - i have a couple media textures that play fine in the editor - however, when i create a movie - the media textures go idle and do not play.

my feeling is that this a journey into blueprints!? i’m thinking that they need to be ‘enabled’…? if so - it would be awesome if someone could provide me with some direction.

i’m attaching various screen grabs of my process…

image 01 is what’s active in editor

image 02 is the movie/cinematic - whereas the media textures somehow are disabled

image 03 is my material setup for the media texture

image 04 is the video clip

image 05 the playable media texture

image 06 is my current blueprint

image 07 is my matinee setup

wasn’t sure if all of these are necessary - just trying to cover all the bases. :slight_smile:

here’s the end result in the matinee (whereas the media textures are somehow disabled)


here’s the scene ‘in editor’ taken with my phone (what i would like to see in my cinematic)

[editor fly thru - taken w phone][3]

thanks you kindly!

Hey JVStudebaker,

Thank you for creating a new AnswerHub post for this issue as requested by me on the Forums.

In order for me to assist you effectively, be sure you took at look at the documentation I provided you with on the Forums, and by providing me with some simple steps you took to get to this point.

One thing I have noticed already in your screenshots, is that within your material editor you have two of the same texture samples which could be causing a conflict. I would set your material to Unlit, so your video is not affected by your scenes lighting. This will eliminate the need to plug your texture sample into Base Color input.

I believe your main issue is that you have not imported the video into your project and placed it in the ‘Movies’ folder within the content browser. If you have not done so already, create a ‘Movies’ folder and place your Media Asset within. This needs to be the case so when your packaged game runs, it references this folder directory when finding movies to play.

Hopefully this resolves your issue, but let me know if you need further assistance.

Thank you,

thanks -

i’m going to give this a whirl tonight - i’ll touch base with results. i think this advice along with your initial response from the forum ought to clear things up!

thanks again mate - have an awesome weekend!

Media does not currently work with movie recording in Matinee and Sequencer. It is something we are trying to address in November/December.