Enable Item Trading? Such as skins, pickaxes, gliders, etc...?

Would this be a good idea? I know a lot of people want this feature…
I know you are not allowed to buy/sell accounts at the moment.

However, in due time skins will disappear over time.
Such as the almighty Renegade Raider and Purple Skull Trooper unless the account is passed/handed down to younger generations?

This would be kinda sad personally, seeing skins/items/accounts disappear over time.

Perhaps enabling trading would be pretty cool, and help people as well with a safety setting perhaps like 2 factor authentication.

I know a lot of people don’t play with certain skins and such and would perhaps help the community grow and keep items/skins alive.

Thank you so much for your time.
Just wanted to start a discussion on this at least. Personally I think it would be pretty cool :slight_smile: and a lot of people wonder about this. :slight_smile:

Will the Renegade Raider become a Myth/Legend…Did it ever exist? 2000 years from now :stuck_out_tongue:

Fortnite Forever!

“Did the Renegade ever exist?”

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@RickisThirsty Thank you for your feedback. While I cannot guarantee a response, I can confirm that this has been forwarded to the appropriate team.

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Could be profitable for Epic…a certain percentage of V-Bucks from the exchange going to Fortnite…

Depends upon how Epic sets it up.

Personally, being able to give away skins for free, especially past battlepass skins that are exclusive, would be cool.

I know I have talked with couples on Fortnite that wish they could give past battlepass skins to each other since they didn’t play during that season and really like the outfit/skin.

*I think being able to trade/giveaway skins for free would be pretty cool. Especially if 2 Factor Authentication is enabled to prevent from skins/items getting stolen.

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Personally I think it will bring more people to the game, by encompassing the ability to be the skin/outfit you wanna be.

For example, a past exclusive skin that represents the end user/player really well.

I know in the beginning, when Battle Royale launched. I personally didnt play 24/7 becuase the only skin you could be was a no-skin. Until the battlepass launched. Then the store launched.
*Personally I played Gears of War 4 more than Fortnite BR at the time because I was sad I couldn’t be a skin that represented who I was/am.

Hope this insight helps Fortnite with their decision to implement Item Trading.
Personally I feel that it will help Fortnite bring in New Players and build their community to be even stronger than before. Everyone will have the opportunity to be the absolute perfect skin that represents them/ who they are.

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I foresee Millions joining Fortnite, because they will be able to be the skin/outfit they wanna be :slight_smile:

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Since I started UEFN, I have missed so many skins from the recent battlepasses, it’s messing with my completionist gaming style, it would be nice to have a way to get the skins I’ve missed

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Put the items on a public ledger (blockchain) too so that we can verify total owned amount for rarity rankings, and proof of validity. If you get away from all of the scammy NFT PFP stuff the technology is actually really cool and useful.


Would that be tough to implement?

*I looked it up, and I think utilizing blockchain would be pretty cool and secure.

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Yeah I mean regardless of how its implemented were talking about a reworking of the databasing to allow these items to be transferrable to begin with, then all of the systems and mechanisms to support it, no matter how you slice it this is a ton of work.
I find the likelihood of them doing right now very low, but I think eventually it is inevitable. They just have too much on their plate to work on something like this with UEFN going on TBH. Once they finish delivering what they need to do for their B2B deals with Disney, and others and we get the new Verse VM we’ll likely be looking at some alternative initiatives but until then, not likely.


To me its definitely needed:

  • To not let skins die off and keep them alive in the game forever.
  • Help bring new players to the game, so they can be the skin they want to be.
  • Would probably bring many investors into the game, and collectors. Kinda like Pokémon or trading cards.

If they did implement blockchain, as I would definitely recommend as well, because blockchain is super secure and un copyable.
Then people will have more fun and Fortnite’s audience will grow :slight_smile:

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I was thinking…

If blockchain gets enabled for trading, then this might be a necessity?

  • Each item has unique blockchain ID, and is registered to the end-user’s account. Especially if purchased from the store/battlepass.
  • This will prevent from potential copying like they tried to do to bitcoin back in the day.
  • If/once the item is traded, the item will then be registered to the new end-user’s account.

This should keep everything safe and secure, and prevent people from trying to copy with full receipts of data transfers and origins.

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