Enable Input in Multiplayer (such as Doors, Lamps and so on) dont work

Hi there,

i have a Problem in Multiplayer. In Singleplayer, if i set up a door or a Utility to use, all works as expected. The blueprint is set up like others. You step into a Trigger. Then the Trigger calls “enable Input” with the “get Player Controller” wich is 0. But in Multiplayer that doesn’t work. I tryed since 6 hours and cant get it to work.

I tryed all: For each Loops, running on Server and on Client and tryed multicast. So i made a print string and read out the Player Controller: On the Client it is: ThirdPersonCharacter1 and on the Server: ThirdPersonCharacter. So the two are identified correctly. But everytime, and every method i try, if the Client steps into the Trigger, the Server can use.

Is there a way to made a door to work in multiplayer with simple Trigger and enable Input?

EDIT say:
I searched on Google but i could nothing find that helps me with my Problem.

have you watched this video? it shows how to replicate a similar thing. (object use)

If you want to control doors, pass door reference to player controller and use open function in player controller, this way i made lifts…

Can you show a Screen? I send Mine later. I Stuck with that. But I need this to get work. I make a Coop third Person survival Games and every Player should be able to open a door or enable a light per key. Thanks for any help

So here is one Screen:


That with the get Player Controller is that, what i do in singelplayer. But in Multiplayer it dont work. I have tryed all; from while Loops to get instigator to owner to anything else. I cant get this to work. What should i do? Or do i think to complicated?

Thank you for the Screen. One question. Did you set this up in the character blueprint or did you made a new PlayerController-BP?


It works. Thank you so much. I have to restart the Editor. But now it works. Great. It is complicated but it work. Thats great!!!