Enable Input for Non-Playable Character

So currently when users want to open a door or turn on a light, they use an “Enable Input” node off an Event ActorBeginOverlap, then set up their code off the related keyboard/mouse event. This works with “Actors” but what about “Characters”?

I have an NPC that I’d like to be able to interact with, but the “E” event never triggers. At first I figured it was because of it being in a blueprint other than my ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint. But I basically recreated my NPC except as an Actor, and it worked. But it has no movement logic so this is unacceptable.

How do bind I logic to keyboard events for when the player is within the TriggerVolume of another Character?

I think, you can have the player reference when he enter in the NPC triggerVolume, Or at least you can check if the actor who enter in the triggervolume is the player.

And After with player reference you can set a boolean or an enum in the player that allow the player to use “E” with a NPC for exemple.

Where do I place the E event? It doesn’t work in characters. Only actors. “Enable Input” doesn’t make a difference. When I press the E key I also need to reference the character, which spawns after game start

you place the E event on the player pawn or the player controller. and you lock it with a boolean like this :

and when you enter in the NPC trigger you change the boolean.