Enable Input fires off multiple events

Hey guys, new to the UE4 forums and trying to understand something. So I have two seperate events where I’m using enable input. One is a trigger that turns on a light and another is a trigger that opens a door. When Im at the door trigger and press E the light also turns on which is near by. In Kismet this would just be a trigger used event although I know Kismet has the check for input node also. So how would you setup multiple events that require the player to press say the E key to fire it. I’m assuming I should be able to set a bool and check its value before allowing the key press to fire. I’m not really seeing any bool compares but know how to set a bool variable. How do you handle checking for user input on multiple events?

Ahh didnt see that thread there. Thanks I’ll check that method out and see what I come up with.