Enable IBL from Reflection Capture Sphere/Box (Multiple local IBL).

r.diffusefromcaptures=1 works for me when used in conjunction with a stationary skylight, it just has to be set via the play-in-editor console. Doesn’t seem to work when entered inside an editor viewport. I would love to know why it can’t be actived via consolevariables.ini !

LPV seems to have been improved in 4.9 with directional occlusion (there are new settings) but I don’t see anything in the change log about it. Would love to see more robust support for IBL.

@BobJoel, I think you’d want to put r.diffusefromcaptures=1 into your Config inis instead, rather than entering it into the console at all.

Yeah, r.diffusefromcaptures=1 doesn’t work with a moveable skylight, which is what you would likely be using in an open world game. So again, we need a solution that works for any situation.

Oh man, don’t know how this thread existed and then went under the dust.
Let’s get it back on track.

Change 3055904 on 2016/07/19 by Daniel.Wright
Reflection environment normalization improvements
	* Removed unused r.DiffuseFromCaptures

Why is that removed? IBL is a really awesome feature for every engine and rendering software. :frowning:

yep, this seems like a much better place to discuss this and not that other thread about SSR :wink:

@DanielW could you maybe elaborate on why this feature was removed?

I may (and probably will be) wrong, but this sounds like it shouldn’t be too much work to get it work and until we have fully working GI, this would help a lot. But I have a feeling I’m just repeating myself in these IBL threads :slight_smile: