Enable/disable specific inputs?

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s a way to enable/disable inputs situationally? I’m creating a game where the player presses E to interact with an object which starts the game, then there’s a countdown before the game starts, then they press SPACE to play. The problem is rThis text will be hiddenight now, once inputs are enabled the player can press E and SPACE whenever they want (so they can restart the countdown perpetually & start using the game mechanic before the game has started). I want to 1. limit E to one button press and 2. disable SPACE until the countdown is over.

put Key_E behind a “DoOnce” Node. This makes sure, that the E Event is just triggered once.

For Key_Space, use a bool in a branch, to activate and deactivate the Space Event as you wish.

Here the nodes like i mean:

You can Reactivate Key_E, when calling the Event “Reset_E” first.

That worked perfectly! Thank you :smile: