Enable/disable render features

I wonder, how to switch render features Luke volumetric fog, indirekt lighting, light scattering and others in game in and off.
I want to do that of course, to let people with Not-so-powerful gaming PCs play my game.

Open the level blueprint. Highlight the ExponentialHeightFog actor in the editor and then right click in the blueprint and you will be offered a reference to this actor. Add that reference to your blueprint and then you can drag off it and add node ‘set volumetric fog’ to turn it on or off.
You can do a similar thing with point lights. Highlight the point light then go to Event Graph and Get a reference and then turn on or off various of the properties that you normally see under the details panel. E.g. I can get a reference to my testLight and drag off it and ‘Set Cast Shadows’ node can turn shadows on or off.

Great, that helps me a lot.

Thank you