Enable/disable event tick globally for entire TBS game. How its even created?

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I thinking about TBS strategy games where NPC dont move/make some actions one by one, but make everything simultaneously, like in regular realtime game. The one changes is what we can stop/play time in our game. If you play, for example, “Space Ranger’s” game you know that system.
You hit “play” (“make move button”) button and you, NPS contunue to move, shoot, and so on like in regular realtime game. When the day (“move”) are end, everything stops and you can think about you next step.

I imagine that system like globally enable/disable event tick. But i cant imagine how to do it for several actors. As in mentioned example, the “Space Ranger’s” we can have a 10 and more spaceships right on the screen, also a bunch of ships outside the screen and current map (level) but they also have some internal logic, they travel in world not randomly, so there’s also some game logic which need to be shooted by event ticks. Casting to “THAT” array of actors and make something like eventtick->gate with bool “play/stop” are naive and defenitely worsted possible idea.

Im just want to make some little steps into TBS games basis and when i think about that “play/start” game cycle i realize what i doesnt even closer to understandind how it works at all! :slight_smile: