Enable/Disable Collisions Using Trigger Box


I’m making this two-story interior scene for a VR project using Vive. I used the template to create the scene but for some reason my teleporter arrow snaps to the second floor while I’m in the first floor and vice versa. I was thinking creating two trigger boxes at the bottom and top of the stairs. So when the player walks up the stairs the collision for the second floor gets activated and bottom floor deactivates and when they come down the collision for the first floor gets activated and top floor deactivates.

I’m new to UE and I know this is a basic question. I have learned to disable the collision for the second floor once the play starts by using “Set Collision Enabled” node and assigning it to the floor object (IMG1). But for trigger box I have only access to “Set Actor Collision Enabled” and when I add the object to it, it doesn’t work (IMG2). I would really appreciate if you could shed some light on this for me.