Enable/Disable Collision for each player


I currently have a one way platform set up for when a player overlaps a trigger above the platform it enables the platforms collision. The problem occurs when multiple players are on the same platform. When one player leaves the platform the collision is disable. I need the trigger to check if it is still being overlapped by another player before it disables the collision. Any ideas on how to do that through blue prints?

Store the players in an array when they begin overlap, and pull them out of the array when they end overlap. When the array size is 0, there’s no one there…

I figured I would have to use an array but I’m not sure how to set this up (I’m a noob). I’ve watched and read info about array’s in blueprint, but none explained adding/removing actors from the array. If you know of somewhere that explains this or you have an example yourself, can you show me?

Have you seen this?
Blueprint is context aware, so you can drag something off of an array and it will give you options that relate to arrays. Also, use google- ask it questions and add “UE4” to your question. That will bring up answers on answerhub that relate to your question, as well as other sources…

I have been using google, awsnerhub, youtube and the UE4 forum to see if others have solved the issues I’m having but I couldn’t quite piece things together with this particular problem. I only posted here as a last resort. Like I said I did research but its wasn’t quit coming to me. I’m an artist trying to work on this blueprint stuff so its definitely a learning process. those links will definitely push me in the right direction for I haven’t seen them before. Though the information looks like the same info you get when you hover over a node in the graph.

I found the intro tutorial videos really helpful. And the blueprint quick shots. I know what you mean- at first it’s all pretty overwhelming. The debugging tools are really helpful in blueprint too- set breakpoints and watch values to see what happens as your logic executes.

hey take a look at this;

It has some pics of blueprints featuring arrays in use. This one;

Shows a true/false node based on length of the array…