Enable Detail Panel Favorites duplicate variables input fields

Checking experimental feature “Enable Detail Panel Favorites” leads to the fact that any exposed bluepint variable, which have a spoiler (option to hide/roll up) like color, random stream, 3vector etc, will have two sets of input fields while editing blueprint instance.

With “Enable Detail Panel Favorites” disabled:


WIth “Enable Detail Panel Favorites” enabled:


Steps to reproduce:

Make a new actor blueprint

Add variable with values which can be hidded in spoiler (vector, color, etc.)

Add blueprint instance to the level

Select it, check how editable variable fields looks like.

Go to the editor preferences.

Check “Enable Detail Panel Favorites” feature

Close Editor preferences window.

Unselect blueprint in the level.

Select it again, check how editable variable fields looks like.

Hello Overlaps,

Thank you for the report. Unfortunately I am having some trouble reproducing this issue. Specifically, on the part that states “check how editable variable fields look,” where exactly am I looking for this?


Hi !
Just select actor blueprint in the scene, then in his details you’ll see one input field for each variable. Other words everything will look as it should. After enabling favorites feature, select same actor blueprint and you’ll see some fields are doubled.


Hey Overlaps,

Thank you for that helpful information. I was able to reproduce the issue reported above. After looking into it, I can confirm that this issue was previously reported and is currently in the “backlogged” status waiting to be resolved at a later point. You can simply follow this link for its progress if you’d like: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-53602)