Enable CEF3(UMG Webbrowser widget) play h5 video(mp4 code)?

Hello ,

I added MP4 support in CEF3, as other people does, add this option: ffmpeg_branding=Chrome, when build and compile CEF3, and it will play h5 video(mp4 code).

I recompile CEF3 frome source use same version 3071 as UE4 4.21.3 does, then I replace those dlls, lib, source file in UE4 and recompile UE4.
Everything was worked in UE4 editor mode, but after I packaged my project, when I lunch my project, after a while my project will freeze(crash), I have to use Task Manager to close my project.

And here is the project’s CEF3 log run in ue4 Editor, But CEF3 still work fine:

But, I packaged my project run it, after few seconds, it Freezed(Crash), And here is **CEF3 log :


Could anyone help to check how to solve it?

I’m appreciate it!

Do you solve the problem? can you upload the cef3 folder and dll files? thanks

Did you get this working?

Hello, marketplace have a plugin can play video