Enable CEF WebRTC?

I am trying to enable WebRTC inside of the CEF and I am not coming right. This is what I have tried so far.

In the file “WebBrowserSingleton.cpp” under the folder “Source/Runtime/WebBrowser/Private/” I made the following changes.

// CEFBrowserApp implements application-level callbacks.
CEFBrowserApp = new FCEFBrowserApp;

//QWD - Added command line switch with value here.
CefRefPtr<CefCommandLine> command_line = CefCommandLine::CreateCommandLine();
command_line->AppendSwitchWithValue("use-fake-ui-for-media-stream", "1");
command_line->AppendSwitchWithValue("enable-media-stream", "1");

//QWD - Added command line switch here.
FCommandLine::Append(TEXT(" --enable-media-stream=1 --use-fake-ui-for-media-stream=1 "));

CEFBrowserApp->OnRenderProcessThreadCreated().BindRaw(this, &FWebBrowserSingleton::HandleRenderProcessCreated);

// Specify CEF global settings here.
CefSettings Settings;
Settings.no_sandbox = false;					//QWD changed this to false as it was true
Settings.command_line_args_disabled = false;	//QWD changed this to false as it was true

But when I load up the CEF Browser and point it to this URL: https://test.webrtc.org/

I get the error indicated in the image below. This typically indicates that the WebRTC options are not enabled and those command line switches are supposed to handle that.

Hello, it would be very interesting to know if you ever succeeded in enabling WebRTC in CEF, as I’m trying to do the same.

Anyone cracked this? Would love to hear something about the idea to enable webrtc on the cef in ue4

Basically any way of displaying WebRTC streams inside unreal engine.