Emuvr, new retro arcade neon , reproducir retroarch en pantalla

hi, i was wondering if someone can tell me what kind of blueprint o tutorial should i be looking to stream for ex, mame or retreoarch to a screen in my map. i dont know where to start, thank you and sory for my english

Retro arcade games were basically emissive meshes, so I would look at something like:

If that’s not what you mean, then can you name a specific game?

thanks for your answer, and no, im trying to run mame or an emulator inside my map. something like this VR Retro Arcade with Unreal Engine 4 and Libretro API - YouTube
like a video game console for ex, you press a button then mame starts, mame or retroarch or an emulator, or a windows game perhaps,
i mean, run a game inside my map.

emuvr and new retro arcade neon are games that you can buy, the first is a virtual room, and the second is an arcade, they act like a frontend and you can emulate several consoles there

Ah, sorry, no idea about that. I’m assuming you’ll have to write it in C++.