Emulate Unity script Inside Blueprint class


I need to know how to emulate these code lines of Unity script inside of UE4 Blueprints :

1- creating in blue color “public class …name …” ,is that just means a blueprint class…and what does “monobehavior” means in terms of blueprint…???

2- creating in blue color "private void …name…() " , is that means a function inside a Class Blueprint …if is it a function that has no parameters or return values created … ???

3- creating in cyan color “Gameobject …name…” , is that an actor class or pawn class …???

4- creating in green color " // …do something… " is that means an Event inside blueprint class …???

and finally if the color coding in unity scripts emulates the color coding in Blueprints.

i have a random unity scripts not nesserly what i’m trying to emulate in picture below ,but that just denotes the code pieces i’m trying to understand .

You’re confusing some of the syntax of C# with things you need to do in Blueprints, you just need to make a Blueprint that spawns a unit. I wouldn’t create a chess piece as a pawn though, it can just be a mesh.

Thanks for your help , just somethings that confuses me is ;

if i drag a static mesh from the content browser , Let’s say a " Floor_400x400 " , when i’m clicking on the floor actor in the world , in the details panel it says is " Floor_400x400 (instance)" and attached to it is a StaticMeshComponent ( Inherited ) "

1- If It’s saying (instance) means instance of the original Ustaticmesh in the content browser

2- if it’s saying a (StaticMeshComponent Inherited which i have no idea about it cause i thought we only add components to blueprints ) it confuses me because also static Actor and on top of that we have tha Actor class blueprint which i’m adding the floor as a component to it which a second ago has a component StaticMeshComponent . see why i’m confused.

then we have the “DefaultSceneRoot” which also i have no idea about is it the white ball inside viewport of the blueprint class when you open it first time ??? .

and the All Classes in the Modes tab are those blueprint classes on their own ??. because when i drag them to the world they are similar to static mesh floor and they have a component . so much confusion because of the similarities in terminology .!!

and another thing if i drag the "Floor_400x400 " Actor from the world i could not add it as component in the blueprint floor , i have to drag it from the content browser which is not the instance i want to be added .