Empty scene is not absolutely black on iOS

I open an empty scene on iPhone X and see, that it is not as dark as an absolute dark. It is a little bit grey, just a bit. You can notice it because the camera offset on top of the phone becomes visible. I have next device profile:

[IOS DeviceProfile]

I suppose that’s because of USE_MSAA define block, which should be disabled for Metal:

		// Do after jitter for grain as an optimization.
		SceneColor.rgb *= rcp(SceneColor.r*(-0.299) + SceneColor.g*(-0.587) + SceneColor.b*(-0.114) + 1.0);
		// Try to kill negatives and NaNs here
		SceneColor.rgb = max(SceneColor.rgb, 0);

Problem was in tonemapper. For 4.19 I used next config to solve this problem:


Property r.Mobile.TonemapperFilm=1 is the most important in this problem.