Empty distribution package

Hello community, Is it normal that an empty distribution weighs 211 megabytes when packaging a game, or is there a way to make a project weigh few megabytes.

I am new to UE4

Did you set the map list to export in the project settings? That’s the main way to cut down the size…

I can’t understand this, the project is totally empty, it has nothing, just a map with no textures, no lights, no additional content. And yet it has this weight in the file. I just want to understand why this is happening.

The map weighs only 32 megabytes.

Get this and take a look at the project folder:


Undoubtedly, the packer from UE4 puts into the package many things that are not needed, which is why the package is so big. The only solution is to create the distributable without creating a package, and manually remove everything I don’t need, so I have a package compressed in a 60 megabyte zip. A big difference, at 300.