Empty blueprint childs

Hi everybody.

First, sorry for my bad english, but I hope I its good enaugh for telling you my problem.

I use Version 4.22.3

Following is the problem. In the last time I have very often the problem that blueprintchilds are empty. If I make a parent blueprint an make from this a child, change something or fill it with the components they needed, than I put it into the szene is every thing fine. But then I run the game to check for mistakes, this part of the bluebrint do nothing. If I open then the child of the blueprint its complete empty. Not the variables, setings or something, ther is nothing inside. I see only the menu, the buttons compile, save and browse and on the right corner the link to the parent class.

In my screenshot is for example a NPC_Charakter, should have AI, Mesh and all what needed. But I have the same problem with diferent blueprint-childs.

The AI, Blackboard and Behaviortree looks fine. Every blouprints thair not a child from a parent are fine too.

I check delete the blueprint-child and make it new, I have uninstaled the Unreal engine and install again, but the problem stais.

Have someone a solution or a work arround? With this problem I cant keep going with my game.

thank you in advance

Go to Window and click “My Blueprint”