Empty Blueprint: Cant move free flying camera forward after play?


I am learning the basics of blueprint usage and unreal dev and have been messing around in UE4 doing so. Ive created a small little level to test what I can and cannot do, and I have run into an error that I cant seem to fix or understand why its happening.

Above you can see the scene I have built. While it looks fine, it seems that something in it is blocking the way my camera works. If i spawn outside, I can only seem to move backwards, and I cant at all move towards the building.

If I spawn in the building, no matter where I put the spawn point, I will end up stuck in the floor between the ground and the buildings floor.

I have absolutely no clue why this would happen, as it hasnt really done so until I build the outside part of the level. Does anyone have any possible ideas?

Thank you.