Emitter VFX Orient with Character

I’m pretty new to these sorts of things and have been banging my head against the wall for a while now…
I am spawning a VFX slash (on a mesh the shape of a ring) via a notify trigger in a swing animation, but it only ever seems to play the effect in one direction in game, so it looks good when swinging one way and lines up properly with the character, but doesnt seem to rotate the emitter mesh when the character is facing another direction. The velocity and stuff like that seems to orient the proper way, but not the ring mesh…
Anyone have any tips? Any additional info I can provide?

Sweet clip-art attached for a little more clarity.
PS. attached the mesh with block in texture for ref as well.


you would have to pass the required direction to the particle and set it to spawn that way. it’s a bit complicated because of Cascade. You’d have to study up on cascade tutorials.

The easier way (for me anyway) would be to pass the value to the material itself and just flip the material. this ofc would only work for a flat sprite and not an actual mesh that gets put into the particle.

As you can see Emitter Rotation is what you would have to manipulate.

Thanks, I will have to get a bit more familiar with the intricacies of Cascade in the near future!
I ended up changing things around a bit to get the effect to orient with velocity, which sorta kinda solves the issue for now. Thanks again