Emitter Duration not being respected

My Emitter Duration in the Required field of the emitter is set to 5sec. I have a Cylinder that travels 200units in Z (up) over 5 seconds using a constant curve. I am unable to get the emitting Cylinder to travel its full height over 5sec. It seems to stop at 1sec. Is this a known bug? Am I missing a step?

Thanks in advance.

Can anyone help me with this? Are you able to make a Cylinder Emitter travel in up Z over 5sec? If so how did you do it? Or is it a bug?

I think you are hitting same issue I had reported in 4.8: 4.8 particle system regression - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

This isn’t a helpful answer, but it’s a bug that’s been reported a few times here, and has been plaguing Cascade for years - any curve that uses the emitter time (instead of particle lifetime) as the X axis doesn’t read values after X=1 second. So as a user, I have no ability to animate things like initial velocity/size/color/alpha, emission rate, location offset, etc past one second.

I’ve just made a new post about it, because it’s driving me crazy consistently, and I can’t believe it hasn’t been corrected yet: