Emissive materials don't work.

Hi there!

So I’m facing a problem. All of a sudden my emissive materials don’t work anymore. I haven’t changed anything in postprocessing or in the project settings. The strange part is that the problem persist on multiple computers (even with new projects) and I can’t find a solution. The material does show glowing in the material preview but when dragged on an object in the scene there is no glow what so ever. This problem started since yesterday and even old projects that worked before and haven’t been touched since don’t show emissive materials anymore.
I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks!


I’d check what your scalability settings are set to. Lumen is only enabled on ‘High’ setting, so you’ll probably see a big difference with emissive materials contribution to global illumination with anything lower than High.

Let us know how it goes.