Emissive material fails when scaling the object it's assigned to


I’m having a strange issue with a glowing material and its instance, the latest being assigned to simple box. It works fine but when I scale the box it doesn’t work anymore.

Here are the screen shots, I hope they talk by themselves.

Without Emissive set :


With Emissive set to 10000 - which is what I want


And now after scaling the box 3 times - weird


My scene goes completely black and when I reset the value of the Emissive parameter it fades slowly (really slowly) from black to that.


Is scaling an object forbidden when using a glow material or material instance ? Or am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks for your help.


Well after some tries I discovered that it’s not the size of the object but rather the space used by the glowing object on the screen that seems to have an impact.

How can I bypass this issue and have some huge objects with emissive on the screen ?

Anyone there ?

try rebuilding everything?

Please post your results either way.

Sounds like the postprocess’s auto exposure. Bright objects on screen will dim the scene until they are visible. Alternatively dark scenes will lighten until the scene is visible. You can disable it by click on the post process volume and either deleting it from the scene and disabling auto exposure from the project settings, orrrrr go into the post process details panel, search for auto exposure, set the high and low limits to 1.0.

Translation of an object (moving, rotating, or scaling) would need a light rebuild, which is why suggested rebuilding everything in the scene via the Build Function… and BTW: who said there was a Post-Process in the scene, lol?

**JonDavis99**and **NotSoAccurateNo1**thanks a lot for your comments.

Disabling Auto Exposure from the Project Settings worked perfectly. It fixes the issue as seen in the images below.

Auto Exposure ON

Auto Exposure OFF

This level was based on the Default Level creation without any Postprocess Volume or any other settings of any kind. Just a test to reproduce the problem in a clean environment.

Thanks a lot