Emissive material doesn't work

I got a lot of problems with my unreal engine setup. one of them is the following:

When i add an emissive material to an object, it becomes black.

How can i fix this? Would love a response :slight_smile:

A few things to try

  1. This, in project settings


  1. Put that parameter up to 90

  2. Meh, try a fresh project. I had this and had to make another project to get it to work…

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Thanks! It was the parameter value: when i changed it not to 90 but to about 1.000.000, it was emissive. pretty weird but works nevertheless.

Thanks for your response man! youre the best

Hmmm, it should work at 90… Try a new project also, just in case…

it works like u said with a regular intensity in projects i downloaded from the epic games marketplace. in projects i started myself, it only works when i set the intensity to a crazy high value.

Maybe try verifying the engine and then make a new project


You don’t want to get too cozy with a project where you constantly have to work around these blooming problems ( haw haw… )