Emissive Light not shining on other objects

Hey all,

I have read multiple posts here about fixing that issue and made sure that:
1- The object that should be effected by the emissive object is static
2- Use emissive for static lighting is ticked
2- I tried various materials with different roughness/specular/metallic settings
3- I tried setting emissive boost to 15 and the emissive power of the emitter to 50 instead of 15
4- Bumped up the light map res on the to-be-reflected-on mesh from 64 to 512

No matter what I try I am not getting the light reflected on the mesh,
What else can effect that? I thought it should work by default.
If I add a point light on that spot it looks correct (obviously haha)

I am using 4.26

Anybody had the same issue?

Thanks in advance